Terms of use

The Cota1110 Hotel in the village of Beli Iskar is determined to provide a comfortable and enjoyable stay for our guests.

To ensure this, please keep in mind the following general information when using our hotel services:


• These rules are in accordance with current Bulgarian legislation.
• There is a video surveillance system on the territory of the hotel (except for the toilets and hotel rooms) in order to ensure the safety of the guests. The records are used solely for the purpose described and are not made available to third parties unless requested by law enforcement.
• By using the services of the hotel, you agree with the video surveillance.
• Hotel Cota1110 guarantees its guests protection of the confidentiality of the provided information and personal data;
• The hotel administration may terminate services to those guests who violate the rules and do not comply with hotel policy without being responsible for refunds or compensation.


• Upon arrival at the hotel, the guest is required to present a personal registration document (ID card or passport). Guests who do not present an ID at the reception cannot be accommodated at the hotel;
• Guests are required to pay the full amount for their stay upon check-in;
• Persons who are not registered are not allowed to stay in the hotel premises;
• Hotel guests must remain silent at night (22:00 to 08:00) and in the afternoon (14:00 to 16:00);
• The items and equipment of each room are checked before check-in and after leaving;
• It is not allowed to take property out of the hotel (towels, bathrobes, inventory, utensils, etc.);
• In case of ascertained absence or damage of hotel property provided for use, its value will be credited to your account;
• Items forgotten by the guests are kept for up to one month, and the courier costs for their return are at the expense of their owners.

Check-in / check-out:

• Check-in at the hotel is after 14:00, and vacation of the used room – no later than 12:00.
• In case of late arrival, after 18:00, please inform us.
• If you want to vacate the used room later, you need to ask for consent and confirmation from the Reception that it is possible for a fee.
• Vacation of the room no later than 16:00 – 30% of the value of the room is paid extra.
• Check out after 16:00 (without overnight stay) – 50% of the value of the used room is paid extra.

Restaurant working hours:

Breakfast is served in the restaurant from 08:00 to 10:00, and as for lunch and dinner – you can enjoy our delicious foods at any time before 22:00.

Room cleaning:

• Rooms are cleaned daily from 08:30 until 16:00.
• If there is a sign “Do not disturb” until 15:00 the room will be cleaned the next day. If you need anything after 17:00, please ask at the Reception.


Mini bar:

• Each room has a mini bar, which is refilled every day.
• Consumption from the minibar is paid according to the announced price list in the Reception upon departure.


• Store your valuables and money in the safe located in your hotel room;
• The hotel is not responsible for items that are not stored in the safe;
• The guest is responsible for items left in the room or on the hotel grounds.


• Admission of pets on the territory of the hotel is not desirable.


• The hotel has free outdoor unguarded parking spaces;
• Parking spaces cannot be reserved;
• The hotel is not responsible for damage to the car in the open parking lots, but if possible, will help resolve the issue.

Ski wardrobe:

• The hotel provides a free ski storage room for equipment belonging to the guests.
• The hotel is not responsible for damaged or missing ski equipment;
• It is not allowed to store ski equipment in the hotel rooms or to walk in ski boots through the common areas of the hotel.


Smoking in the rooms and in all indoor premises of Hotel Cota1110, Beli Iskar village. In case of a violation, a fee of 250 BGN will be added to the room bill for additional cleaning;
• Providing a key/card from the room to outsiders;
• It is strictly forbidden to bring in any kind of hazardous to health flammable, explosive, toxic, radioactive and other similar substances and objects on the territory of the hotel.
• The storage of materials and/or objects dangerous to the health and life of others in the hotel rooms;
• Removal of furniture, equipment or items from the rooms;
• Violation of generally accepted norms of behavior, aggressive behavior and/or actions endangering the health and property of others;
• Damage to hotel property;
• Parking of cars at the entrance and exit of the hotel, as well as in a way that blocks traffic.
The hotel is not responsible for services provided by third parties to guests.

Personal data collected form guests of Hotel Cota1110:

• Hotel Cota1110, in its capacity of Personal Data Administrator, collects data provided by hotel guests in the process of their registration and accommodation at the hotel;
• The hotel collects personal data, which is described in Art. 116, para 2 of the Tourism Act and in accordance with the obligation that sites performing hotel activity must keep a register of the accommodated tourists. The data collected is: full name, Personal Identification Number, ID number, nationality, date of birth, gender;
• The additional data that the hotel collects is: address, telephone number and e-mail. The data is used to contact the guest to confirm his reservation or, if necessary, to inform him if changes have occurred. Upon check-in, a registration form is filled in, in which the registration number of the car is required in order to more quickly resolve any cases that may arise in the hotel parking lot;
• When booking through the hotel’s website, the guest fills in their name, e-mail, telephone number.
• The categories of personal data that are collected are only personal data without sensitive information about the guests, according to the definitions described in Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament.
• The hotel does not offer or provide access to the data of its guests to third parties (individuals, companies, foreign organizations, etc.) and applies modern technological measures to protect the personal data provided by its guests.
• The hotel provides access to personal data only in the cases provided by law:

• Information requested by officials and/or government bodies that may require such information under applicable law;

• In cases of defense of national security or defense of the country.

• Some of the data is provided to the following organizations:

• Municipality – each hotelier is obliged to send a monthly report to the corresponding municipality;

• Police – the names of the guests, in case of accommodated foreign guests, citizens who are not from the EU, EEC, Switzerland and Great Britain;

• National Statistical Institute for statistical purposes.

The Hotelier reserves the right to unilaterally change this Hotel Policy, the structure and content of its website, as well as to terminate access to it at any time for which it is not obliged to notify the User.

It is an honor and responsibility for us to take care of your comfort and to get you acquainted with the rich nature and cultural and historical heritage of the region, as well as the traditions and values ​​of Rila and Pirin.

We will be glad to have you as our guest.

We are expecting you!